“Behavior change doesn't occur when programs set objectives for people.
It occurs when programs support people in setting their own objectives.”
— Marcia Griffiths, President of The Manoff Group

TMG Signature Solutions

Behavior Integration

All effective programming ultimately requires that someone do something differently than they’re doing it today.

But how do you ensure that the right resources are available at the right time, and in the right place, for that someone to change their behavior?

Click here to learn about the tools, resources and guidance we’ve developed to help program designers and implementers ensure that all of the necessary elements are in place to enable behavior change.

Signature Solution: Behavior Integration

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Negotiation Research

Improving the nutritional status of children requires changing household behaviors- and that means changing the behaviors of both mothers and fathers.

What do mothers want help with? And what will fathers do to help?

Click here to learn how we helped bridge the divide between the sexes, and developed high-impact SBC activities to engage fathers and improve the health of children.


Child Length Mat

Stunting, caused by inadequate diet and persistent infections, affects as many as one in four children globally with both immediate and life-long physical and neurological consequences. But to many parents, stunting is invisible because so many children around them are stunted.

How do you address a problem you cannot see?

Click here to learn more about TMG’s signature solution to ensure that all children grow to their full potential in the critical early years.

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Who We Are

Manoff has expertise if social and behavior change to development programs around the world.
We are a woman-owned small business that provides expertise in Social and Behavior Change to development programs around the world.

Our Approach

The Manoff Group uses a behavior-centered approach that facilitate meaningful behavior change
Our approach, Behavior-centered Programming, is an evidenced-based, systematic methodology that facilitates meaningful behavior change.

Where We Work

Manoff Group has experience in working around the world
For over 50 years, we have worked in more than 60 developing countries in Africa, Latin America, Asia, E. Europe, and the U.S.