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This list includes a selection of reports, publications and materials produced by the Manoff Group team over the last 20 years. Many of the publications were jointly produced with other partners and organizations.

What's New

  • This document ( English version; Spanish version) describes an SBCC strategy in use in hundreds of poor, rural communities in western Guatemala to improve maternal health and child nutrition. Its centerpiece is a material (The Wheel of Practices) for families that reminds them of 19 priority practices, enables them to monitor their own progress and facilitates supportive counseling during home visits. Community workers monitor families’ progress in carrying out the behaviors and the community’s ability to create an enabling environment for families to achieve these health-promoting behaviors

Qualitative Research

Child health

UPHOLD Program


Micronutrients: iron

Micronutrients: vitamin A

School health and nutrition

UPHOLD Program

Community-based growth promotion

Environmental health

Maternal-neonatal health

UPHOLD Program


El Salvador


UPHOLD Program