El Salvador: Reducing HIV/AIDS Transmission Among the Police and Their Families

Through the CHANGE Project, the Manoff Group worked to strengthen institutional skills in behavior change to reduce and prevent the transmission of HIV/AIDS in the national police (PNC), the National Academy for Public Service, their family members and associates and others within the communities they serve. The objective of the HIV/AIDS prevention program was to strengthen institutional capabilities in behavior change to reduce and prevent HIV transmission in members of the PNC, their families and key sectors of the communities they serve. The goal was to modify high-risk behaviors to reduce the probability of HIV transmission through sexual contact. The HIV/AIDS prevention project with the national police force began in February 2002 and project activities ended in December 2004. The primary components were:

Creation of a peer network

Administrative and police personnel were trained to work with their peers through individual and group behavior change interventions aimed at reducing behaviors that place them at risk. Peer leaders conducted "mini-jornadas" (interactive talks), lectures, socio-dramas, facilitated discussions, movie/discussion sessions, interactive games, etc. and distributed supporting print materials, condoms and gloves.

Establishment of a counseling network

Staff from the Medical Services and Occupational Health Departments within the police were trained as professional and lay counselors to provide preventive and pre/post-test counseling services. Access to testing, which initially did not exist, was established.

Support materials

Support materials were developed with local partners for all of project activities. Materials that were developed included: