Bangladesh: Social Marketing Project Motivational Campaign

This program began in the 1970s and by 1983 and had shown significant impact. However, despite dramatic increases in sales, the total number of people actually using contraceptives remained small. The Manoff Group conducted a national motivational campaign aimed at stimulating demand to narrow the gap between family planning awareness (which was high) and practice (which was relatively low). Manoff worked closely with a local market research and advertising agency to:
  • Identify the segments of the target audience and the constraints to contraceptive use
  • Redesign messages to address the constraints
  • Pretest messages and track the audience's response so that messages could be improved
  • Plan and implement a mass media campaign via radio, TV and other media.
In-depth qualitative research using focus group discussions and interviews, as well as the innovative use of photographs to elicit responses on the sensitive topic of family planning led to the identification of the major resistance points that the media program needed to overcome. Based on an analysis of the research findings, the main target was men. They were the most resistant, saddled with wrong beliefs about contraceptives, ignorant of options and unwilling to consider family planning and discuss it with their wives.

The media strategy used radio to reach the rural male (and rural female secondarily), mobile vans with filmed messages for the same audience and TV for both rural audiences and officials. Short messages using phrases and concepts from the target audiences during formative research were repeated frequently to reach them.

Fourteen months after the radio portion of the motivational campaign began, an evaluation showed impressive results: a substantial decrease in people believing that modern family planning methods were unsafe, a marked increase in interpersonal discussion about family planning especially among couples, increased recognition of the personal economic benefits of family planning and high levels of message reach and recall.